We are aware that for reach the consumerís pocket, first we have to stimulate his mind and touch his heart.

We know that the environment in which a brand is positioned is constantly changing and evolving, therefore success depends on the ability to adapt and anticipate these changes. In ELEVEN we understand the extent and the manner in which the current and future market changes affect each brand and company; thereby we achieve to set the appropriated strategies in order to get the maximum benefit from them.

Direct marketing

Relationship Marketing


Stands, congresses & trade shows

Branding & Packaging


We strive to know the current and future needs of our customers, due such knowledge enables us to provide the adequate location of new niche markets; to identify the potential market segments and to value their interest; to guide the brand into its looking-for opportunities and the design of action plans, through which it is possible the correct adaptation to the environment and the achievement of a competitive advantage. We identify perceptions, habits and usage patterns, transforming them into an active knowledge to create experiences, spaces, initiatives or campaigns that strengthen the relationship between brands and people.

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