New Era  
  Media World

In a constantly changing world, New Era Media World supports ELEVEN in the media area.

We don't try to guess the upcoming trends in media and communication, but we join the force of change by being part of it. Only going at the speed of change and thanks to the talent and ability that we have developed, we are able to offer successful solutions to confront the current challenges coming from our environment and our customers.

In New Era Media World we have an extensive knowledge of the media market and our methodology allows us to create an effective, qualified and differentiated communication based on data analysis. And so we get a deep understanding of the customer, as well as the product, the brand and the KPI's of our customer's business. We understand that only influencing in such fundamental points we will reach the setting of strong and lasting bonds between consumers and brands.

We use “push” channels to give out the brand values and its offered experiences and we make them grow through the wide variety of resources and methods that currently coexist. The result is a higher ROI, notoriety, sales increment and customer loyalty, providing high value to our own customers.

Internal communication strategies

CRM and eCRM communications

Media plan design

ROI Optimization

Planning optimization and media buying