The Eleven  

THE ELEVEN EXPERIENCE is the ELEVEN's agency in charge of organizing events, launching and activating. From this platform we challenge the saturation of conventional media and we use it as a tactical complement to our developed actions for each client.

We activate and reactivate brands and campaigns through the implementation of creative ideas and innovative strategies. We give to each client a fresh air and a new strength that enable him, by means of buy/sell direct impulses, and activities where the users interact and live new experiences, to reach the consumers in a creative, original, different and efficient way.

Nowadays marketing, like the ideas, has no limits ...

Through the ELEVEN EXPERIENCE brands come alive and share close experiences with their consumers. This process involves keeping the brand active in the consumer's minds through different actions; we surprise them so that they become diffusers of the brand. This is a tool which purpose is to amplify and multiply in a sustainable and tangible way the brand's message.

“The brand should surprise, innovate and be original”

Activation is a development that works with the promise and spirit of each client. It is an extension of the campaign to ratify and materialize, contacting the customers, the brand and the company message.

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